These General Conditions of Use and Sale are accessible and printable at any time by a direct link on the home page of the site.
These General Conditions of Use are written in French. In the event that they are translated into one or more foreign languages, only the French text will prevail in the event of a dispute.
1. GDPR (European regulation on the protection of personal data and identity)
TAIRANGA Nutrition® has adopted the European regulation on the protection of personal data which constitutes protection against possible data theft and which makes it possible to put in place adequate security measures.
Currently, firewalls, antivirus, content filtering and threat detection are the primary tools used to guard against data theft. These measures are, however, insufficient, since hackers can easily cross this first security perimeter. As a result, companies ’IP addresses or customer information may be compromised, so customers need to be confident and confident of their security.
2. Data protection and SSL certificate
The site has the HTTPS (1) protocol (“HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure”) which allows the browser and the server to exchange information in an encrypted way with a layer of SSL or TLS encryption, making the data unreadable if they were to be intercepted by the wrong person.
This protocol is based on three principles to guarantee the security of the Internet user and develop their confidence in the website visited:
v  It allows the Internet user to verify the identity of the site he is accessing, thanks to an authentication certificate issued by a third authority;
v  It guarantees the confidentiality of the data sent by the visitor (in particular the information communicated in the forms) and that received from the server (giving the assurance that the data received comes from the visited website and that there is no possible doubt on the identity of the company with which the internet user exchanges);
v  It guarantees the integrity of the data exchanged (i.e. the data received from the visited website has not been modified by a third party during browser / server communication.)
(1)    An SSL certificate is a data file that links a cryptographic key to information from an organization or an individual. Installed on a server, the certificate activates the padlock and the “https” protocol (via port 443) in browsers, in order to ensure a secure connection between the web server and the browser.
3. Legal guarantees, commercial guarantee and after-sales service
In accordance with article L. 111-1 of the Consumer Code, TAIRANGA Nutrition® informs you of the existence of legal guarantees.
You will also find, according to article L. 211-2 of the Consumer Code, in these general conditions, the methods of implementation of the content of the legal guarantees. TAIRANGA Nutrition® is obliged to deliver a product that complies with those referenced on its site.
Otherwise, TAIRANGA Nutrition® will be held responsible for defects during delivery, but also for all those resulting from the packaging, of any consumption instructions (article L.217-4).
4. Conformity of sales offers
Prior to his order, the Customer can directly learn about the essential characteristics of the Products he wishes to order on the Site. Prior to his order, the consumer can directly learn about the essential characteristics of the products he wishes to order on the site.
Tairanga Nutrition® is in compliance with the law on the online publication of information relating to foodstuffs.
The law provides that, prior to the conclusion of a distance contract for the sale of foodstuffs, the professional must communicate to the consumer, in a legible and understandable manner, the information required by the Inco regulations, such as inscriptions of all kinds relating to prepackaged foodstuffs (in particular, nutritional composition, content of useful principles, species, origin, identity, quantity), to ensure transparency with regard to consumers.
The User also acknowledges that promotional offers are valid as long as they are published on the Site.
A good is compliant, according to article L.217-5, when it is:
v  Suitable for the use usually expected of a similar good, if applicable, etc .;
v  That it corresponds to the description and has the qualities presented;
v  That it has the qualities that a consumer can legitimately expect following public declarations by the seller or one of these possible representatives (2) (advertising, labeling, etc.).
These declarations are not binding on the seller when the latter does not know them and is not in a legitimate position to know them.
5. Implementation of the legal guarantee of conformity
The internet user undertakes to withdraw his order on the day and at the place he has previously chosen. He must immediately check the visual conformity of the package on site. No claim will be accepted 12 hours after withdrawal. Compliant goods cannot, in any case, be refused by the consumer.
In addition, any unclaimed goods will be re-sent to the company, without option, for the consumer to request a refund.
He may however request a new shipment which will be invoiced to him.
In the event that a user does not receive all of the items ordered, he will be offered a priority voucher deductible on a next order or a refund.
An internet user has no possibility of requesting the reimbursement or the subsequent delivery of the goods he has ordered, once the order has been confirmed.
6. Implementation of the commercial legal guarantee / After-sales service
The consumer undertakes to contact the company exclusively for any complaint, within 4 hours after receipt of his order.
This complaint must be sent by email, as soon as the problem is noticed, to or by using the messaging service inserted on the site.
The complaint must be sufficiently substantiated to allow us to react promptly.
Follow this diagram scrupulously:
v  Note the time of receipt of your order, its collection point, ect ...;
v  Clearly explain your problem and the subject of your request;
v  Indicate clearly your contact details, your customer number, the reference of your order and attach all the necessary documents (copies of your order form, delivery note, invoice, batch number, type of item, etc. ...);
v  Take pictures of qualities allowing us to visualize, without difficulty the problem;
v  Send your complaint immediately.
TAIRANGA Nutrition® undertakes to process without delay the requests made by consumers in relation to the goods delivered and to provide all solutions, under its sole responsibility.
In case of non-response or if the response does not satisfy you, you can contact the consumer mediator at
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