Please take a moment to read our General Terms and Conditions of Use and Sale.
Remember that the use of our website legally commits you to respect the rules.
These General Conditions of Use and Sale are accessible and printable at any time by a direct link on the home page of the site.
These conditions are written in French. In the event that they are translated into one or more foreign languages, only the French text will prevail in the event of a dispute. 
These terms are intended to govern the terms and conditions of use of website and define the rights and obligations of the parties put in relation by or using the services offered there .
These conditions are concluded between:
Like Gorets
Tairanga Nutrition®,
Registered at: RCS Sarreguemines (57)
Siren number: 833 177 629
Headquarters: BP 80005
Hereinafter TAIRANGA Nutrition®
Hereinafter referred to as "the company / we" or "TAIRANGA Nutrition"
And on the other hand,
Consumers wishing to make a purchase via the TAIRANGA Nutrition® website
Hereinafter referred to as "the user / consumer" or "the buyer" or "the customer" or "you".
These general conditions available on the day of purchase apply without restriction or reservation to all the products offered for sale on the website (hereinafter referred to as the site), this the latter reserving the right to modify these conditions at any time. 
1. Purpose of the site:
These conditions are intended to define the terms of sale between TAIRANGA Nutrition® and the user located in mainland France, from placing the order to delivery. These conditions relate exclusively to non-commercial natural persons. The applicable conditions are those in force on the date of the order by the buyer.
Access to the site and these services is exclusively reserved for users (individuals) over the age of 18 and with full legal capacity to commit. Natural persons who do not have full legal capacity can only access the site and these services with the agreement of their legal representative.
It is understood that any order prejudges the consultation and acceptance by the buyer of these General Conditions. This acceptance is not however conditioned by their handwritten signature by the Customer, they will be materialized on the site by a checkbox systematically and before the end of each purchase process.
Consequently, acceptance of these General Conditions can only be full. They are limited to mainland France, Corsica and the Principality of Monaco. However, please note that only the French text is authentic in the event of a dispute, whether in France or in any other country. 
2. Site management
The site is managed by the "Logistics Manager", who ensures the animation and the back-office. This manager is also responsible for the organization of sales, as well as the coordination of shipments / deliveries in mainland France, as well as in the rest of the world.
3. Operating company and Legal information
The site and the services associated with it are operated by the company:
TAIRANGA Nutrition®
Registered at the SARREGUEMINES RCS under the number 833 177 629.
Trade and Handicrafts Registers of Sarreguemines (57) - France
Company administrator contact:
Aline LOHR
Headquarters: BP 80005 57801 FREYMING MERLEBACH Cedex 01 - France
The company is represented by Aline LOHR, as President.
The Company can be contacted at the following coordinates:
Tairanga Nutrition® BP 80005 - 57801 FREYMING MERLEBACH Cedex 01 - France
Contact email: 
4. Registered trademark
It is specified for all practical purposes, that the name TAIRANGA Nutrition® is a registered trademark and published in the Official Bulletin of Industrial Property (BOPI) under N ° 2020-01-24 (BOPI 2020-04) and registered in the National Register Trademarks (RNM) under N ° 4585703.
The company is also the full owner of the domain name
As such, the company therefore has exclusive exploitation rights.
Art. L. 713-2 of the Intellectual Property Code: "prohibitions without the owner's authorization, of reproductions, uses or affixes"
5. Site registration and liability
The registration of an Internet user can be done spontaneously or at the invitation of another registered user. This registration is done through the site via a form provided for this purpose.
This registration is free, does not imply any commitment or even subscription.
The internet user must fill in a registration form available on the site and fill in all the mandatory fields. This registration automatically leads to the opening of a "customer area", a space which allows the Internet user to manage their account, place orders and have access in particular to the history of their purchases, as well as to all those data. The internet user guarantees that the information he provides during registration is accurate, up to date, sincere and that it is not tainted by any misleading character.
The user is informed that this information constitutes proof of his identity. In addition, he is solely responsible for the direct or indirect damage which he is likely to suffer in the absence of updating this information, the consequences of which he alone bears.
The company reserves the right to check, at any time, the accuracy of the data provided, the internet user agreeing to respond without delay to this request for additional information. Without response, the account will be deleted.
6. Password
Access to the management page of "customer area" is subject to the use of a username and password which the user has free choice. He can modify them at any time.
He is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his username and password.
In the event of loss, theft or misappropriation of their identifiers, the user is invited to contact the company, which will take the necessary steps to reset it.
In addition, the user agrees to ensure that no third party is allowed to use the site and its services with their personal identifiers, except to bear full responsibility.
He is prohibited from creating multiple accounts.
7. Accessibility to the site and services
An unregistered user can only browse the site and view the offers. A registered Internet user can place an order and publish content on the site. In addition, thanks to their customer area, the registered user will be able to view their order history.
8. GDPR (European regulation on the protection of personal data and identity)
TAIRANGA Nutrition® has adopted the European regulation on the protection of personal data which constitutes protection against possible data theft and which makes it possible to put in place adequate security measures.
Currently, firewalls, antivirus, content filtering and threat detection are the primary tools used to guard against data theft. These measures are, however, insufficient, since hackers can easily cross this first security perimeter. As a result, companies ’IP addresses or customer information may be compromised, so customers need to be confident and confident of their security.
9. Instant messaging
Whether registered or not, the Internet user has access to the "instant messaging" module available 7/7 and 24/24 on the site.
This messaging is materialized by a pictogram automatically appearing at the bottom of the page. This module allows you to communicate directly with the logistics managers of the site via several contact communication channels such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Call Me Back, Instagram ...
Any content sent through this messaging service is considered "private correspondence" of the sole responsibility of its issuer.
Users are however informed and accept that these messages are archived and that the company may at any time use them to assert its rights. 
10. Mechanism, access and organization of sales - Withdrawal period
10.1 Online posting of information relating to foodstuffs INCO regulations).
Prior to his order, the consumer can directly learn about the essential characteristics of the products he wishes to order on the site.
Tairanga Nutrition® is in compliance with the law on the online publication of information relating to foodstuffs.
The law provides that, prior to the conclusion of a distance contract for the sale of foodstuffs, the professional must communicate to the consumer, in a legible and understandable manner, the information required by the Inco regulations, such as inscriptions of all kinds relating to prepackaged foodstuffs (in particular, nutritional composition, content of useful principles, species, origin, identity, quantity), to ensure transparency with regard to consumers. 
10.2 Conformity of sales offers
A good is compliant, according to article L.217-5, when it is:
v  Suitable for the use usually expected of a similar good;
v  That it corresponds to the description and has the qualities presented;
v  That it has the qualities that a consumer can legitimately expect following public declarations by the seller or one of these possible representatives (1) (advertising, labeling, etc.).
These declarations are not binding on the seller when the latter does not know them and is not in a legitimate position to know them. 
10.3 Accessibility and organization of sales - Choice of place of withdrawal - Deadline
The site is accessible 24/24 h and 7/7 days.
Internet users are invited to make their purchases and choose their pick-up location, day and time of their own, via the pick-up location selection module available at the end of the process. Pick-up points are automatically located and sorted by their distances from the address indicated in the customer area. The places are precisely displayed, on a map with their descriptions and contact information. It is possible to offer a filtering of places by their postal codes.
After selecting the withdrawal point, the user can choose a withdrawal time slot on a schedule. The withdrawal date and the chosen time slot are then confirmed by e-mail, and can be seen in the details of the order.
The offers and availability of products and according to production are adapted every day. The order deadline may sometimes be applied. This deadline is clearly indicated on the product offers concerned under the heading: "Information related to delivery".
The user only has to pay for his order and collect it on the date and at the pick-up point that he has chosen himself. The internet user will then have the possibility of following the routing of their package.
Sales are concluded directly between registered Internet users and the site.
Consequently, the internet user must access their customer area to place their purchase orders. He cannot do otherwise.
11. Purchase procedure - Summary & Prices
The Customer acknowledges having before placing his order, in a legible and understandable manner, the CGV (General Conditions of Sale) and all the information listed in article L. 221-5 of the Consumer Code .
The following information is transmitted to the client in a clear and understandable manner on the Site:
v  The essential characteristics of the product and / or service;
v  The price of the product (all taxes included);
v  The information relating to legal guarantees and their implementation methods are stipulated in the GTC;
v  The terms of payment and delivery of the contract are stipulated in the GTC;
The products are described and presented with the greatest accuracy. Therefore, in accordance with article L.111-1 1 of the Consumer Code, the photos, texts, information or characteristics of the products appearing in the catalog will be considered as contractual.
The price indicated in the order confirmation is the final and authentic price.
The sale prices are indicated in euros, all taxes included.
Any order implies acceptance of the prices and description of the products available for sale.
Any dispute on this point will occur as part of a possible exchange and guarantees exposed to the GTC.
The sale will be considered final from the moment when:
v  The customer validates his order;
v  After receipt of the full price.
Upon validation of the order and its payment, a confirmation email is sent to the buyer as well as an electronic sales invoice, via the email address that he himself provided. This acknowledgment confirms the transaction subject to effective payment, even if the email address is incorrect. All orders are final.
To place orders, the registered Internet user must select the items of his choice from the offers on offer. He can access the summary of his basket at any time and correct any errors in the elements entered until he has definitively validated his order.
Once the order has been confirmed, that is to say paid, it cannot be modified.
The company provides a registered user with a technical tool summarizing their purchase and order history, accessible from their customer area. 
12. Payment - purchase and / or discount voucher - Fraud - Computerized registers
The applicable price is the one displayed when placing the order. The full price is due at the time of this order, minus any "vouchers" issued by the company during previous orders.
Payment for goods is made online by bank card directly through the payment interface offered by the site.
The company reserves the right to suspend or cancel any order and / or delivery, in the event of non-payment of any sum that would be due by the user, in the event of a payment incident or in the event of fraud or attempted fraud relating to the use of the site, due to an Internet user. Any proven fraud will result in the immediate and final termination of the account concerned.
The computerized registers kept in the company's computer systems will be considered as proof of communications, orders and payments made between the Parties. Archiving of orders and invoices is carried out on a durable and reliable medium that can be produced as evidence. 
13. Withdrawal period
The consumer is informed that in accordance with article L.121-20-2 of the French Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal is not applicable to orders placed on the site, insofar as these relate to goods which, by their nature, cannot be returned or are liable to deteriorate or expire quickly. 
14. Payment process
Once the products have been chosen, the user is invited to:
v  View your basket and modify, if necessary, the content or quantity of the goods, insert a possible voucher;
v  Check their contact details;
v  Check the box relating to the T & Cs;
v  Choose the place and date of withdrawal;
v  Fill in the bank card fields.
15. Delivery / Withdrawal of orders - Implementation of the legal guarantee of conformity
The internet user undertakes to withdraw his order on the day and at the place he has previously chosen. He must immediately check the visual conformity of the package on site. No claim will be accepted 12 hours after withdrawal. Compliant goods cannot, in any case, be refused by the consumer.
In addition, any unclaimed goods will be re-sent to the company, without option, for the consumer to request a refund.
He may however request a new shipment which will be invoiced to him.
In the event that a user does not receive all of the items ordered, he will be offered a priority voucher deductible on a next order or a refund.
An internet user has no possibility of requesting the reimbursement or the subsequent delivery of the goods he has ordered, once the order has been confirmed.
16. Shipping costs
Any User undertakes to comply with these GTCS and, in particular to pay all amounts due for the Services ordered, and to accept the conditions and limitations of liability relating to the Services offered by the carrier.
In the event of delivery not conforming to the order in quality or quantity, the customer must inform TAIRANGA Nutrition®, indicating the order reference, asking to be contacted by our technical advisers - Monday to Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., or by contacting the site service or by email to:
17. Loyalty program
Tairanga Nutrition's loyalty program is a way to reward your loyalty and save you money when you want,
In addition, your loyalty gives us visibility on the activity of TAIRANGA NUTRITION.
How is your Rewards account funded?
The reward account is funded in three different ways, currently including a loyalty program, a referral / affiliate program and a rewards system, for every click on "Like" via Facebook, thus advertising our site.
Each of the actions will therefore be rewarded.
Rewards Account (in your customer area).
You get rewards for your purchases and / or referrals, and these rewards accumulate in your unique account, the balance of which you can consult at any time
Use these rewards to buy products or to deduct your orders.
Loyalty program
Earn a reward based on your purchases. The amount of this theoretical reward will be displayed on the product sheet and in the summary of the basket. It is calculated by tranche according to the amount spent.
Sponsorship / Affiliation Program
Invite your friends to discover our site. If they register, they will automatically receive a voucher valid from their first purchase. When they place an order on the site and it is validated, you will also receive your reward.
Only new registrants can be sponsored.
Facebook Likes Reward
Encourage your friends to join Our Facebook community by clicking on "Like", and get a new reward.
You just have to use your rewards as you see fit!
18. Transfer of ownership
The transfer of ownership of the goods to the customer is suspended until full payment of the price, in particular on orders whose payment in installments is possible. In the event of default by the Customer of all or part of the price of the order, Tairanga nutrition® reserves, until full payment, a right of ownership over the products sold, allowing it to repossess said products, in the within the framework of the conditions established contractually, even in the event of collective proceedings opened against the client, and this in accordance with articles L.621-122 et seq. of the commercial law.
The company guarantees the conformity of the goods until delivery to the carrier. No claim may be addressed to the company once the goods have been delivered to the consumer, who will bear full responsibility for transporting his purchases to his home.
19. Complaint - Implementation of the commercial legal guarantee / After-sales service
The consumer undertakes to contact the company exclusively for any complaint, within 4 hours after receipt of his order.
This complaint must be sent, as soon as the problem is noticed, to:
By email to: or by using the automatic messaging system inserted on the site.
The complaint must be sufficiently substantiated to allow us to react promptly.
Follow this diagram scrupulously:
A. Note the time of receipt of your order, its collection point, ect ...;
B. Clearly explain your problem and the subject of your request;
C. Indicate clearly your contact details, your customer number, the reference of your order and attach all the necessary documents (copies of your order form, delivery note, invoice, Lot number, type of item, etc ...).
D. Take pictures of qualities allowing us to visualize, without difficulty, the problem.
E. Send your complaint immediately.
TAIRANGA Nutrition® undertakes to process without delay the requests made by consumers in relation to the goods delivered and to provide all solutions, under its sole responsibility.
In case of non-response or if the response does not satisfy you, you can contact the consumer mediator at
20. Financial transactions / Securing transactions / Https
Financial transactions relating to the payment of goods via the site are entrusted to the payment service, which ensures smooth running and security.
As the independence and security of payment transactions is one of our priorities, Société Générale will ensure the security of your payments via the payment interface SogeCommerce, one of the world leaders in payment security online.
The company does not intervene in these transactions which are carried out under the sole responsibility of the payment service. It does not have access to or knowledge of the bank details of consumers. The company has, however, a web interface allowing it to view certain data related to financial transactions in the event of payment refusal. 
21. Liability of TAIRANGA NUTRITION® - Contractual guarantee - Comments - Hidden defects - Interruption of services - Maintenance & network disturbances
The site acts as a service provider and provides users with a platform, as well as tools and technical means for the conclusion of sales contracts between it and the consumer. Its responsibility is however limited to the provision of its means as described herein. It acts in its personal name, but does not pass any legal act in the name and on behalf of the users. The company is a party to the sales contract between consumers and itself, but cannot in any case be held liable for difficulties that may arise during the conclusion or execution of contracts concluded between users.
However, it scrupulously takes care to provide in particular a guarantee with regard to the conformity of offers and goods with the laws and regulations in force in mainland France, compliance with hygiene and maintenance rules, their packaging and / or labeling. to legal and regulatory provisions, from the conformity of the delivery of goods to contractual stipulations.
However, the existence of possible risks linked to the transport, storage of the goods and their conservation by the consumer after delivery or even payment of the goods cannot be attributed to TAIRANGA Nutrition®.
The company acts as the host of all user-generated content on the site. As such, it ensures, as much as possible, moderation and prior control. She may, however, have no knowledge of them, before they are put online. Consequently, the company cannot be held responsible for the contents whose authors are third parties, any possible complaint having to be directed in the first place to the author of the contents. In particular, the company does not guarantee users that the services, subject to constant research in order to improve performance and progress in particular, are completely free from errors, involuntary defects or defects.
The company therefore reserves the right to temporarily interrupt access to the site for reasons of maintenance or failure of the latter. It can not be held responsible for temporary difficulties or impossibilities of access to the site which arise from circumstances external to it, force majeure, or which are due to disturbances in the telecommunications network, users being informed of the complexity of global networks and the influx, at certain times, of Internet users. 
22. Intellectual property and copyright
The systems, software, structures, infrastructures, databases and content (texts, images, visuals, music, logos, brands, etc.) operated by TAIRANGA Nutrition® within its site are protected by all intellectual property rights in force in mainland France.
All disassembly, decompilation, decryption, extraction, reuse, copies and more generally, all acts of reproduction, representation, dissemination and use of any of these elements, in whole or in part, without the authorization of the company, are strictly prohibited . It is recalled for all practical purposes, that the name TAIRANGA Nutrition® is a registered trademark. The company therefore has exclusive exploitation rights.
Article L. 713-2 of the Intellectual Property Code: "Prohibitions without the owner's authorization, reproductions, uses or appearances". 
23. Unsubscribe / exclusion of a user
The services are subscribed for an indefinite period. A user can decide at any time and just as freely to unsubscribe from the site and to join us more by unsubscribing on his client area. The withdrawal or exclusion of a member, for whatever reason, will automatically close their account and deactivate their profile. He will no longer be able to place purchase orders on the site. However, purchases he made before closing his account will be executed.
Unsubscribing means that the consumer's customer area will be permanently deleted, as well as these purchase and invoice histories.
Any purchase vouchers, coupons, rewards or other deductions not used when closing the customer account will be lost and will not give rise to any compensation.
24. Advertisements - Marketing
Users declare that they are informed that the company may broadcast all advertising and promotional content on the site and in its communications via its users. However, this content will only relate to the company itself, or one of its partners, and exclusively for its own promotion.
25. Applicable law and competent jurisdiction - Metropolitan France
These general conditions are governed by French law. In the event of a dispute over the validity, interpretation and / or execution of these general conditions, the parties agree that the courts of Sarreguemines will be exclusively competent to judge, unless there are rules of mandatory procedures to the contrary.
26. Entry into force
These General Conditions of Use come into force on June 29, 2020.
TAIRANGA Nutrition® (All rights reserved)
© TAIRANGA Nutrition 2020
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