Why did you create a loyalty program?
It is a way to reward your loyalty and to save you money whenever you want, your loyalty gives us visibility on the activity of TAIRANGA NUTRITION.
How is your Rewards account funded?
The three-level principle currently includes a loyalty program, a referral / affiliate program and a rewards system if you click "Like" via Facebook, thereby advertising our site.
Each of your actions will therefore be rewarded.
Rewards Account (in your customer area).
You get rewards for your purchases and / or referrals, and these rewards accumulate in your unique account, the balance of which you can consult at any time
Use its rewards to buy products or to deduct your orders.
Loyalty program
Earn a reward based on your purchases. The amount of this theoretical reward will be displayed on the product sheet and in the summary of the basket. It is calculated by tranche according to the amount spent.
Sponsorship / Affiliation Program
Invite your friends to discover our site. If they register, they will automatically receive a voucher valid from their first purchase. When they place an order on the site and it is validated, you will also receive your reward.
Only new registrants can be sponsored.
Facebook Likes Reward
Encourage your friends to join Our Facebook community by clicking on "Like", and get a new reward.
You just have to use your rewards as you see fit!
Congratulation, a 1€ voucher has just been generated for you.
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