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Our history

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Our history, our journey.

The history of TAIRANGA NUTRITION® although very recent in its present form actually goes back much longer, but of course at that time we had no idea what range of products we would offer you today.
In 2002, we created our first professional activity and are distributors of a major American beverage brand. This activity, however very profitable, does not offer us any satisfaction in terms of food, we who made it a point of honor to consume healthily.
Ten years later, we created another activity more in line with eating well, an innovative system in which we market French products, most of them from organic farming. One thing leading to another, 1,700 products will be offered to customers wishing to consume seasonal food products of impeccable quality.
An unhappy and disastrous professional encounter, however, forced us to put an end to this activity a few years later.
But it was in 2006, when we became the happy parents of a little boy, that we decided to teach him the basics of a healthy lifestyle which also included a healthy and varied diet.
Far from wanting to be "great parents", we integrate basic values ​​into their education, including: regular physical activity associated with healthy eating.
Very comfortable in the water, at the age of 5, our son joined a swimming club and little by little the idea of ​​wanting to help him perform naturally took root in our minds.
Like everyone else, we try to provide him with natural and ideally healthy products, but we realize that some of them are not really. Often too sweet or too salty, too fatty, too industrial… Not really healthy!
While in 2013, we had launched a third professional activity of manufacturing pasta based on ancient wheat and legume flour (much more digestible and much more nutritional), we decided to create a paste especially for him, a original and “more or less” efficient paste.
Having no knowledge in the field of nutrition and even less in sports nutrition, we take advice from Nicolas AUBINEAU - dietitian and sports nutritionist whom we consider to be a leader in his field. The first tips fall ... The first ideas too!
While we were only at the start of a project, in 2018, we trained in nutrition with Bénédicte BOUKANDOURA, a nutritional consulting engineer. The principles of digestion - general and sports nutrition are discussed. It’s an intellectual shock to us!
However, in our professional context, we had had to collaborate with Smail MEZIANE - Doctor in biotechnological processes, in food engineering and Researcher in Biomolecule engineering at the National School of Agronomy and Food Industries… A whole program.
Smail with his quirky humor and with great simplicity, we put our hand in the stirrup, making our project both more concrete, but even more complex!
All this knowledge not really acquired, a month later we meet Loïc BERGER, athlete and sports nutritionist.
Loïc will change the outline of a project on paper into a real project. With a generosity and a personal implication for which we will be eternally grateful to him, Loïc created our first sports recipes.
Recipes in his pocket, Camille DAUBA - swimming athlete, accepts to become our muse. It is she who will simply test and approve our recipes from a taste and visual point of view. Camille becomes our life-size guinea pig which will sometimes cause him some digestive problems ...
Thanks to his feedback, the recipes are adapted and modified. Tastes, aspects, smells, flavors… Everything is reviewed! Our recipes are AB certified
In January 2020, the project now has a name: TAIRANGA NUTRITION®.
The brand is registered on January 24. Tairanga means Elevation in the Maori language. These people, representative of strength and power, are also very respectful of nature, which is totally in the idea.
In 2020, the sports range is labeled by SPORT PROTECT®, a label that complies with the NF V94-001 standard, as anti-doping guarantees, for the safety of athletes.
During the same year, we obtain a certification unique in the world. Nine of our recipes are 4 * certified and one 5 * with the PAOT label - an in vitro label of total oxidizing power thanks to the use of PAOT TECHNOLOGIES® technology.
PAOT® technology is a French innovation that allows, for the very first time, to obtain a reliable measurement of the concentration of antioxidants and free radicals in the cells of the skin, the body, plants, foods and supplements food, etc.
Finally, in August 2020, just one month after the launch of the site, we obtained the DEMÉTER certification (the must of food labels) - an international certification mark founded in 1932 for products from biodynamic agriculture, which is based on full respect for agriculture that respects the land and the seasons.
The circle is complete !
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