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Posted By: Aline LOHR In: Root On: Comment: 0 Hit: 683

The first meal of the day contributes to the daily nutritional balance.

A complementary meal between lunch and dinner, it is of paramount importance and very often overlooked.


The French breakfast is way too sweet…

The French breakfast often consists of fruit juice, white bread, pastries, jam or honey, spread, coffee / sweet tea, so 100% sweet!

On the other hand, very few, if any, proteins, fats and fibers. So, the breakfast with salty taste is very often neglected for the sweet


A balanced breakfast must be a real meal allowing to properly balance the phenomena of palatability and satiety during the day so as to regulate the other meals in quantity and to avoid, even to suppress the cravings and the nibbles between the meal.

A balanced breakfast is simple to make

Whether you are in a hurry or have time in front of you, the balanced breakfast is uncomplicated requiring very few culinary techniques to implement. A little creativity, associations of ideas and voila. It’s just a combination of simple foods that require little cooking. Then, the compositions vary according to "tastes and colors of each".


Non-exhaustive list but which can give ideas:

Hot drinks (water): tea, coffee, maté, chicory,…

Vegetable juice (proteins + carbohydrates): soy, hazelnut, almond, oats, quinoa…

Animal milk (proteins and carbohydrates): cow, sheep, goat…

Fat (lipids): butter, vegetable oils: olive, rapeseed, sesame, hazelnut, avocado, etc.

Cereals and / or cereal products +/- complete (carbohydrates, proteins, fibers): oat flakes, bread (cereals, bis, wholemeal, ...), bran pancake, cereal cream ... tapioca, quinoa, rice ...

Sweet products (carbohydrates): honey, fruit syrup, agave, maple ..., whole sugar, rapadura ... jam, marmalade ...

Fresh and / or dried fruit (carbohydrates, fiber): orange, kiwi, banana, peach…

Proteinaceous fruits (and seeds) (proteins, lipids, +/- fibers): nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, sesame, chia, hemp… and their associated purees

Vegetables (fiber, +/- carbohydrates): spinach, cucumber, zucchini, beetroot ... and their associated juices ... potato ...

Meat, fish, eggs, crustaceans / shellfish (proteins): cooked or raw ham, chicken, turkey…, herring, sardines, tuna, salmon… shrimps…


Examples of quality balanced breakfast

Balanced breakfast 1


Goat cheese + chia seeds

Wholemeal bread + Butter + Honey

White Ham


Balanced breakfast 2

Green tea

Hazelnut juice + Carob powder + Agave syrup

Red bread + Almond puree

Boiled egg

Apple / spinach / cumin smoothie

Balanced breakfast 3


Almond juice + Oat flakes + Goji berries + Hazelnuts

Salmon marinated in lemon juice

Citrus salad

Balanced breakfast 4


Spelled bread + Black sesame puree

Cheese + Jam


Note: the quantities are not indicated because it can vary greatly from one person to another depending on their own needs. In all cases, the individual diet must be individualized.


In conclusion

There is no single, standard model for a balanced breakfast. Nothing is perfect, foods are complementary to each other and have nutritional properties of their own. Denigrating one food and praising the other remains the worst way to unbalance one's intake day after day. This is the case with many predatory diets and other "wacky" food put in place to make people "believe" (in lack of hindsight in relation to themselves and the surrounding world) to belong to a certain category of populations, what is called "the need to belong". Breakfast should be simple, convivial, organoleptic, digestible and pleasant, the best guarantee of sustainability over time. There are no miracle diets in the end ...



Dietitian Nutritionist of sport and clinic


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